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It is a city with a population of 31 million people. Most people never heard of it. The city is deep into mainland china. There lots of huge cities in china. It just blows my mind that there is this huge city that nobody heard of exept the chinese and Smart western investors. The air is probley not the cleanest but it looks fun . You can buy real estate here and hold it and then get a profit, but doing business in China is not that easy, I wish it was. chongqing is kind of like Sao Paulo.



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I Like this chinese fashion model named Du Juan. There are not alot of asian super models. If I had to put on a fashion show Du Juan would be my first choice to walk the cat walk.

I called Tokyo today.

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I called TOKYO today. I called Beijing. I called Sao Paulo, Brazil . I called Cairo. I also called London.I don’t know why I did this . I wasted my time on my cell phone but I did It.

First I called Beijing, I heard a women speak in mandarin. I then hung up on her.

I then called Tokyo , I heard a women talk Japanese. I also hung up on her.

I then called London. I got a Pakistani man. He told me he doesn’t speak much English. I then hung up on him. Then I called Sao Paulo. I heard a man speaking Portuguese. I then hung up on him.

Then I called Cairo and I heard a man say hello in English, not Arabic. maybe he looked at his caller ID and saw the number came from the United States . He said ,who is this ? I then hung up on him.

I then called Tokyo again. A women picked up. I said Konnichiwa. She said Konnichiwa back.

She must have understood my accent and she started to speak English.

She said her name is Hisako. She was 20 and worked at a bank.

Her father was a rich business man in the meat industry.

She said she will call me later….

weird but cool……..right?