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Wait, we stopped being cool? Regardless, NME‘s press release does a good job explaining the reasoning behind this list from their 8/2 issue, so I’m going to quote at length:

As the USA steals itself for a new president this year, it seems the country is also undergoing something of a musical revolution. In its latest issue “We [Love] USA” iconic British music magazine NME, celebrates the 25 American acts who are whipping up a storm on both sides of the Atlantic — signalling the re-birth of the US music scene!Alex Miller, New Bands Editor for NME said: “Right now I can barely go a day without coming across a new genius band from the States. While the art scene of Brooklyn or the punks of LA are keeping the underground fascinating, the ceaseless ambitions of Lil Wayne and the Kings Of Leon are making the Chili Pepper and Fiddy Cent clichés of the mainstream redundant. If only it wasn’t so bloody hard to get a green card!”

01 Vampire Weekend
02 Lil Wayne
03 Glass Candy
04 Kings Of Leon
06 Spank Rock
07 TV On The Radio
08 Boy Crisis
09 Black Kids
10 Holy Ghost Revival
11 The Hold Steady
12 Fleet Foxes
13 Amazing Baby
14 Jay Reatard
16 The Cool Kids
17 Black Lips
18 Yo Majesty
19 White Denim
20 Telepathe
21 Iglu and Hartly
22 Chester French
23 Girl Talk
24 TheDeathSet
25 Grace Jones


Austin to El Paso to Albuqueruqe : Travel

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yesterday I was in Austin TX, then El Paso TX, then Albuquerque at night.


Black kids : music

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I think you heard of Black kids. If not , here they are. They are from Florida. And nobody is pure black in that band . uhmmmm ok.


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I Like this chinese fashion model named Du Juan. There are not alot of asian super models. If I had to put on a fashion show Du Juan would be my first choice to walk the cat walk.


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10 magazine . summer 2008 . yeah . Its a great fashion/art  magazine from England and in the U.S it costs $20. I really liked it and there is an article about a swiss town where people dress and act like american hillbillys. IDK , WTF. but cool. Lots of good stuff in the magazine. If you dont want to pay $20 , dont buy it then.


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People have diffrent tastes in movies. Some people like spiderman or Iron man. They love movies low on plot but loaded with action and mindless fun.The same people shop at Wal mart for cheap and outdated clothes and fill their bellies with Mcdonalds. The masses. Well if your not like the mass consumers of mindless entertainment, I suggest you watch SZTUCZKI. The film is a Polish film.
It takes place in a small town in Poland. Not really much happens in this film. I just love the dialogue.



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In the United States, sub pop released donkey by css on the 21st of July. I am happy they released it here finally !! CSS is the best. The bass player Ira left the band and now the drummer plays the bass .  CSS moved into a diffrent direction from the old album. They are more grown up and they have more topics. The brazilian band now all live in London, expect for one guitar player( she lives in New York). They learned how to play their instruments better. When they started thier band as a joke, nobody knew how to play thier instruments. CSS which stands for Cansei de ser sexy is now well known around the world but still are underground. CSS came along way from the little clubs they played for fun in Sao  Paulo. Donkey is the best cd of 08 , Air Painter, Rat is Dead and Beautifull song are highlights of the CD.