Hello I havent written anything for awhile its a mixture of lazyness and depression that caused this. Well anyway I was reading an article about the french electro super band Justice, and what kind of software they used on the lap top to make music. They use a Program called Cubase. I looked on the internet and they have it for sale for $500 . Well I have ways and translator software to accsess Chinese websites to download free software. Now I have Cubase on my laptop and its very hard to use. Justice sample alot of music and I want to sample to beacause I am to lazy to do anything else. I want to make shity 70’s songs in to some Electro. Anyway here are some good samples :



  1. hey dude, i would like to know where do you download this software, could you send me a mail with the link or something? i will be very happy if you send it to mee!!! lol
    i love justice!!!

    i got it from a chinese website,
    but if you have frostwire, you can download cubase,
    it will take like 3 hours with wifi.
    but its worth it !!!
    type cubase on frostwire

  2. Hey which option of programs do i downlaoad from frostwire? There are so many options each time i think i grabbed the right one my comp fucks up and i have to clean it and its very time consuming.. and risky. can you help me get the right one?

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