Wait, we stopped being cool? Regardless, NME‘s press release does a good job explaining the reasoning behind this list from their 8/2 issue, so I’m going to quote at length:

As the USA steals itself for a new president this year, it seems the country is also undergoing something of a musical revolution. In its latest issue “We [Love] USA” iconic British music magazine NME, celebrates the 25 American acts who are whipping up a storm on both sides of the Atlantic — signalling the re-birth of the US music scene!Alex Miller, New Bands Editor for NME said: “Right now I can barely go a day without coming across a new genius band from the States. While the art scene of Brooklyn or the punks of LA are keeping the underground fascinating, the ceaseless ambitions of Lil Wayne and the Kings Of Leon are making the Chili Pepper and Fiddy Cent clichés of the mainstream redundant. If only it wasn’t so bloody hard to get a green card!”

01 Vampire Weekend
02 Lil Wayne
03 Glass Candy
04 Kings Of Leon
06 Spank Rock
07 TV On The Radio
08 Boy Crisis
09 Black Kids
10 Holy Ghost Revival
11 The Hold Steady
12 Fleet Foxes
13 Amazing Baby
14 Jay Reatard
16 The Cool Kids
17 Black Lips
18 Yo Majesty
19 White Denim
20 Telepathe
21 Iglu and Hartly
22 Chester French
23 Girl Talk
24 TheDeathSet
25 Grace Jones


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