In the United States, sub pop released donkey by css on the 21st of July. I am happy they released it here finally !! CSS is the best. The bass player Ira left the band and now the drummer plays the bass .  CSS moved into a diffrent direction from the old album. They are more grown up and they have more topics. The brazilian band now all live in London, expect for one guitar player( she lives in New York). They learned how to play their instruments better. When they started thier band as a joke, nobody knew how to play thier instruments. CSS which stands for Cansei de ser sexy is now well known around the world but still are underground. CSS came along way from the little clubs they played for fun in Sao  Paulo. Donkey is the best cd of 08 , Air Painter, Rat is Dead and Beautifull song are highlights of the CD.


One Response to “CSS: DONKEY !!”

  1. Smimrod Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to say I found a free download of ‘Rat is Dead’ off CSS’s new Album ‘Donkey’ – Its also MP3 which is Sweet! I believe the company, 7Digital are also offering the album for a fiver…which is cool 🙂


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