The Wackness……Great movie.

I think it just released on the 3rd  but I watched it on the Internet from China, so I did not have to wait . It was a copy from the sundance screening. Any way it stars Josh Peck from Drake and Josh. In Drake and Josh, Josh was a Fat dork . Josh Peck lost weight. I first seen Josh Peck in Snow Day. I always knew that Josh would grow up to be somebody. I always thought he would be  a comedian. I never really thought he would lose weight and become a good drama actor. Anyway I should stop talking about Josh Peck. The movie takes place in NYC in 1994. I really used to love hip hop from the 90’s as a kid, so I know the Soundtrack pretty well. The story is about a kid named Luke who sells pot. He becomes freinds with a psychiatrist who also buys his pot. Well if you want to hear a better desciption look it up on imdb. I really loved it for deep personal reasons. There are a few parts where my eyes start to water. so yeah , very well made film.

Fat  young Josh

Fat young Josh


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