lack of food

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i am going to cut my ear off and eat it

i wonder how many calories are in a human ear

seems like an ear is high in calories

i am on a low calorie diet

that is the reason , why i will never cut my ear off and eat  it

i am slowly starving my self

i am building a tree house out of magazines

magazines cost around $4

i could only afford 2 for right now

i almost ate a pizza slice

but i knew i would feel too guilty afterwords

i have to tell my self

i hate food

i hate it all

i am so hungry

i think about food more then anything

just want to eat food and not worry about weight gain or feeling guilty

the days seem dim and sad

my heart hurts,  my heart that beats

feel a sharp pain

this must stop soon


alone time

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i question life

i question myelf

i hate myself

why am i sooooooooo lazy

why am i sooooooooo stupid at times

why do i make mistakes

why can’t i be normal

i must advance somewhere

i have been but not fast enough

why does time take so long

why does time go so fast

i wish i had comfort in life

i love people

i hate things i do

i am human

i am not a robot

i am an animal

i am a loser

i am a winner

i am me





just chilling ………….topless

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Hello I havent written anything for awhile its a mixture of lazyness and depression that caused this. Well anyway I was reading an article about the french electro super band Justice, and what kind of software they used on the lap top to make music. They use a Program called Cubase. I looked on the internet and they have it for sale for $500 . Well I have ways and translator software to accsess Chinese websites to download free software. Now I have Cubase on my laptop and its very hard to use. Justice sample alot of music and I want to sample to beacause I am to lazy to do anything else. I want to make shity 70’s songs in to some Electro. Anyway here are some good samples :


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Crystal Castles, named after the Crystal Castle from the She-Ra franchise[8] despite never actually watching the show, formed in December 2003 as a project started by Ethan Kath. In April 2005, Alice Glass recorded vocals for five original instrumentals by Kath. The band’s first single was recorded “accidentally”: a microphone test by Glass was released through MySpace as “Alice Practice” in September 2005. Glass was not aware that it had been used until record companies heard the song and contacted the duo to offer them record deals.[9]

Since the release of “Alice Practice”, the duo announced plans to release their first full-length album on Last Gang Records, which was released in North America on 18 March 2008 and released in the UK on 28 April 2008.[10]


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It is a city with a population of 31 million people. Most people never heard of it. The city is deep into mainland china. There lots of huge cities in china. It just blows my mind that there is this huge city that nobody heard of exept the chinese and Smart western investors. The air is probley not the cleanest but it looks fun . You can buy real estate here and hold it and then get a profit, but doing business in China is not that easy, I wish it was. chongqing is kind of like Sao Paulo.


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Here is a cool website that shows photos of peoples houses. You can see what they look like inside. Some people are famous and some people are not .